The PYP Self-study – A spark!

Going further and getting all perspectives

The self-study teams were now meeting less regularly and investing time in gathering the evidence to support their standard. It was essential to get a comprehensive view by collecting data from all stakeholders for a more holistic view. In come the surveys! Google Forms are a personal favourite. I designed surveys to be taken by the teaching and learning community based on the teams’ data from the above table. The teams reviewed the findings in the ensuing meetings.

Student’s voice is now explicitly articulated within the enhanced PYP. Though working with the 2014 standards and practices at the time, there was an overwhelming urge to honour student voice in a big way during this process. In my opinion, the student survey of 2018-2019 was my most significant success of this self-study exercise. I scheduled it into an online assessment period with students who finish early having an option to take the survey. Two hundred sixty-four students out of a K-12 population of 500 took the survey!

The parent voice was duly heard with the survey link being circulated in our school communication platform. The participation was not as astounding as students’, but the number was large enough to make generalisations safely.

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