Evans Kimani

An IB PYP educator, with coordinating, teaching and assessment experience.

A little bit about me

You will soon find out that I LOVE using this technique to break down information. I can’t get enough of it!

  • WHO: An educator passionate about purposeful learning and assessment.
  • WHAT: A collection of my musings, failed attempts and successes at evidencing learning in the classroom.
  • WHY: I’m a big proponent of cooperative and collaborative learning. This is my way to give back to a vast PYP learning community from which I benefit every day.
  • WHEN: ……inspiration strikes! I plan to have a long term action plan to track here. I will however derail the plan when something new and shiny comes up.
  • WHERE: Wherever this learning journey takes me. I intend to collect many perspectives from travelling and teaching in multiple contexts.