The PYP Self-study – A spark!

Reflecting and Developing the Action Plan

This very intuitive process is meant to inform the school’s future actions. The program action plan should ideally be revised based on the findings of this exercise. It is essential to recognise that the self-study is also an opportunity to identify successes and celebrate them, not merely develop a to-do list. Stop-Start-Continue is a process widely used to provide quality feedback. We used this to develop new action items (Start & Stop) and reassure our current efforts (Continue). This process is a variation of a feedback mechanism called the SKS ((stop (S), keep (K), and start (S)) form developed by Phil Daniels, then a professor of psychology at Brigham Young University.

Our School template, now in use as part of formalising quality feedback processes
c/o GroupMap – “A start stop continue retrospective is a simple and effective way for teams to reflect on their recent experiences and decide on what things they should change as they move forward”.

You can view one of the finished portfolios from this exercise here.

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