Journey to a virtual PYP Exhibition

Supporting independent student inquiry from a distance

  • A common statement I normally make in my introduction to the PYP exhibition is “the exhibition starts as soon as the student joins the exhibition class“. However, this time round I could not claim with confidence that our students were ready to stage this elaborate celebration of learning.
  • With most schools forced into a distance learning set-up, I knew that effective peer collaboration for the exhibition would be a daunting task. So I advised the team of teachers involved to invest in equipping students with skills for independent inquiry.
  • As an institution, we had not laid a strong foundation to ensure continuity of learning let alone support independent student inquiry for the PYP Exhibition.
  • To provide a generic yet detailed guideline for the independent inquiry process, I created this google site. The site was and remains a living resource, being refined at every stage of inquiry with new insights and resources for the student.
  • To appeal to students, I ensured the site spoke to the student in a direct voice, was embedded with interactive resources and a one-stop-shop for guidance for the PYPX student.
  • The home page is stocked with background information in the form of coverage, testimonials and products of past PYP exhibitions at school to provide some context for students new to the process.

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