The PYP Self-study – A spark!

My office bulletin board turned inquiry board.

Tuning into the process

The PYP evaluation process is a cycle that starts ideally immediately after a school’s receives its authorisation report. The process is anchored by program standards and practices and serves as a reflective exercise for the broader teaching and learning school community.

Reflecting on the premise of this process, I sought out meaningful ways to present the process to the school community as a program coordinator. What better way than to develop it into a unit of inquiry! Using the school’s chosen inquiry model (Kath Murdoch’s model) and our customised planning template, I developed a plan.

What do I already know about the evaluation? Here’s my attempt at checking for prior knowledge. I like using the 5W’s to help me synthesise a topic;

  • Who: teachers, parents, students, school administration, PYPCC, IB visitors & relationship manager
  • What: it is an event – it has a start and an end. It is a process – it has several steps. It is a reflective exercise.
  • Where: All the groundwork will be done at school; the school community is the focal point of this exercise.
  • When: The process is lengthy, almost a year+ and has to be completed before the event. The event will happen on an agreed-upon date in 2020.
  • Why: It is a requirement and a service – a natural, regular cycle of growth that we must have as a PYP school.

What are the best places to get answers and insight on the evaluation?

Key words:

This board grew over a period of one month as I prepared for information sessions (coffee with the curriculum coordinator) to share the journey ahead with staff and parents.