Journey to a virtual PYP Exhibition

Consolidating and Staging the exhibition

As an institution using Google for Education, Gsuite apps were an obvious choice for collaboration. A template was created on Google slides to provide students with reference for how to present their research journey and findings. Comments were turned on for students to receive feedback from peers and teachers on their flow of work.

Slide (drag) to view template and a filled sample.
Slide (drag) to view template and filled sample

Voicethread – presentation and engagement.

I first learned of Voicethread as an option while using it for a portfolio presentation for my master’s program. Students were encouraged to produce their final presentations using Voicethread for archiving and easy sharing. Presentations could be played live and shared for later viewing using a link. Students could easily do reshoots for each slide without having to overhaul their entire recording, make use of props and cut-aways, all which would have been dicey if they were to present live during the virtual meeting. Some of their amazing work can be seen here;

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